Butler Service

Hotel Maya prides itself for offering personalized services, one of which is the complimentary round the clock butler service. Our floor butlers are on call 24 hours a day and services include pressing of 5 items of clothing upon arrival and shoe polish.


DVD movie library

To complement the DVD players that are available in all of our rooms and suites, we offer guests' complimentary access to our a extensive DVD movie library. We house more than 200 titles ranging from classics, animation, comedy right up to the latest blockbuster movies.


Medklinn Air Sterilizer

In all of our rooms, we have taken a step forward to ensure our guests have access to clean, sterilized air by equipping it with a  unit of Medklinn Air Sterilizer.

It uses the latest in Cerafusion Technology, which produces massive amounts of negative ions that effectively remove airborne pollution, particles and odours. The ions in the air sterilizer, furthermore destroys both harmful surface-bound and airborne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and moulds, leaving your room with clean and fresh air. Many users find the abundance of negative ions in the room, help them sleep more soundly.



Personal Chef in your suite

For special occasions or for a more intimate meal, Hotel Maya introduces a personal chef service in the comfort of your suite.

Dinner is specially brought up to your suite, and our Chef will personally prepare and plate your meal. Your personal Chef is able to prepare sosaku or modern Japanese cuisine from Still Waters, or delectable Malay cuisine from Maya Brasserie. To enjoy this personal chef service, kindly let us know three days in advance.


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